£105m investment boost for Derry and Strabane

A £105m government investment package has been hailed as a “significant catalyst for change and economic growth” for Derry City and Strabane District and the wider North West.

The funding, which comprises of a £50m City Deal and a £55m Inclusive Future Fund, will help progress plans for a landmark riverfront university medical education and innovation hub, and advance the delivery of smart city and digital infrastructure projects.

It’s hoped that the £105m will be at least matched by the NI Executive and will lead to further investment from project partners and other third party sources, resulting in an overall injection of over £300m.

Council Chief Executive John Kelpie said: “This funding package, if directed at the key agreed strategic growth projects and if used to lever significant further public and private sector investment, will deliver a new era of unprecedented growth and development for the City and Region providing tangible benefits for all of our citizens and a promising future for our children and young people.”


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