Advanced manufaturing & Engineering

Derry has a strong manufacturing and engineering heritage. Ulster University, Northwest Regional College and Letterkenny Institute of Technology are just a few of our collaborative partners that can assist in innovating future solutions. Whether you are looking for a lab for testing, precision engineering or large scale manufacturing, we have the infrastructure in place to support innovation and commercialisation.

Home to the global brands such as Du Pont & Bemis global leaders do business with fast-growing local companies and start-ups including HiVolt Capacitors Ltd, E&I Engineering, Fleming Agri – Products and NuPrint Technologies. Companies located here find significant cost advantages compared to the rest of Ireland, UK and Western Europe. This combined with an affordable cost of living and high quality of life makes the case for investment clear and compelling.

Companies (number)


Availability of talent (graduates)


Area of expertise

Automation Technology
Agricultural – Machinery
Quarry/Mining Machinery
Materials Handling
& Packaging
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Precision Engineering & Fabrication

Why here

“We have successfully operated a manufacturing facility in Northern Ireland since 1996, and know it to be a great location to do business. The availability of skilled graduates in the area, engagement of local council representatives, and the support offered from Invest NI were all critical factors in our decision to locate this centre in Northern Ireland,”

– Marty Scaminaci, VP, BEMIS

Who’s here


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