Digital & Creative Technologies

Derry is one of Ireland’s most vibrant digital clusters outside Belfast and Dublin. Ulster University, Northwest Regional College and Letterkenny Institute of Technology are but just a few of our collaborative partners that can assist in innovating future solutions.  Home to  global brands such as Fujitsu, Kainos and Allstate, global leaders rub shoulders and do business with fast-growing local companies and start-ups. Companies located here find significant cost advantages compared to the rest of Ireland, UK and Western Europe. This combined with an affordable cost of living and high quality of life makes the case for investment clear and compelling.

See below figures for the growing DCT sector, visit for detailed info on each of these companies. 

Companies (number)


Availability of talent (graduates)


Area of expertise

App & Software Development
Enterprise Software
Digital Media & Entertainment
E-Commerce &
Social Networks

Why here

“We are matching Derry’s strengths with our needs.  It has a fantastic educational base, it has a fantastic demographic base.  There is a tonne of flexibility here” 

 – Mike Pinkerton, COO, Mod Squad.Inc,
ICT/Business Services

 “By establishing our European operations here, we are in a stronger position to target opportunities within UK and Europe and expand sales and ensure future growth of our business”

– Bill Thomas, Boardmember, OneSource Virtual,
IT – BPaaS provider

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