With an abundance of high quality offce, manufacturing and industrial space, at prices that compete with any city in Western Europe, we are an incredibly competitive cost location with lower rental and construction costs than most of the UK and Ireland. The region’s strengths in Life Sciences, Business Services, Technology, Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering  are supported by our third level institutes and our R&D institutions of excellence.

75% of investors reinvest

For leading international investors already in the know, this City region is home to a talented and educated workforce, which is leading the way in innovation and creativitiy leading to major international and commercial success for the businesses located here. Regulation is kept to a minimum.

Companies have ready access to a broad range of funding options as well as a developing venture capital market and we are consistently ranked in the top 10 globally for ease of doing business. We are a gateway to Ireland, the UK and the European continent, with daily flights across the Atlantic into East coast USA, Central and South America.


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