Derry gamers in UK-wide New Radicals list

Three local women who use video games to explore social issues including LGBT rights and racism have been named in a prestigious list of 50 New Radicals.

Derry-Londonderry-based company Kippie C.I.C. was founded by Katherine Rowlandson, Caroline Anderson and Justine Scoltock in 2016.

Katherine explained: ” While many people perceive video gaming as being negative or a waste of time, a few years ago my sister Caroline, my friend Justine and I started thinking about the possibilities of harnessing the positive storytelling power of gaming.

“We thought about how game design and the logical step-by-step nature of games – where specific actions have specific consequences – could be used as a tool to help people explore issues and events in their lives.”

The trio have now been named in the UK-wide list of 50 New Radicals compiled by the innovation foundation NESTA and The Observer, recognising individuals and organisations tackling societal issues in creative ways.

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