Derry business woman on why she set up her own business in the city


“Starting a business at 23 with not much experience in the travel industry, but an insight into the inconvenience for families visiting Northern Ireland, meant the first year was very much about hard work, determination and a lot of learning and we were delighted to record a total of 5,000 passengers, an impressive start for any business. We are delighted to announce that last year our figures rocketed to 150,000 passengers.”

“The best thing about being an entrepreneur is having control of your life. There are enormous, terrifying responsibilities to having your own business that you could never appreciate until you’re there yourself. But, you do have control – I don’t think there many people who can say that and I am very aware that this is a great privilege.”

“When asked if she would start up a business again after the experiences of the last decade.

“There have been many times over the years when I would have to think hard about that, but now when I look back at what we have achieved, I would say yes – that it was the best decision I ever made and would 100% encourage everyone who is thinking about this to take the plunge and go for it!!”

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